JM VALLIERES  (since 1940)

About Us


The time of Mr. J.M Vallières

In 1945, Mr. J.M. Vallières bought a small business located on 6245 blvd. Monk from a certain Mr. Cousineau. He then renamed it to his name, resulting in the birth of Décoration JM Vallières. 

family picture

1962-2006 Time of Mr.Alepin and family

After Vallières' retirement from this line of work, the store was purchased by Mr. Guy Alepins. From then on, it became a family business ran by the Alepins.During this period, the business got big progress and the scale became big.


2006-Now The time of Lady Isabelle and Tina

2006-2012 Madame Isabelle Liberty is the president of J.M. Vallières   DCORATION.  Under her management, she got the connection with National Bank  and  big real estate agents.Madame Tina took over the business since 2012. She got the connection with  different communities.